Thursday, August 13, 2015

2016 Scott Addict CX Cyclocross Bike Review

The Addict CX is back, and its fitter than ever. 

Weighing in below 1300g, the Addict CX frameset is lighter than any other disc brake-optimized cross bike on the market. We have embraced our lightweight obsession to create a state of the art Cyclo-Cross bike that features excellent stiffness values combined with race-driven geometry for immediate power transfer, direct handling, A-level integration and a handful of unexpected extras while maintaining an incredibly low weight.



Addict construction

Light weight is the shared bloodline connecting all SCOTT product segments. Early on, SCOTT invested heavily into the development of new carbon manufacturing technologies, the use of exclusive raw materials and the optimization of development processes. The continuous advancement of SCOTT’s carbon expertise enables the release of stunningly lightweight products on a regular basis. The Addict CX is no exception to this rule.

The frame uses an HMX carbon fiber blend that has inherently excellent stiffness-to-weight characteristics. The front triangle of the Addict CX is manufactured using SCOTT’s patented IMP Technology which results in incredibly lightweight construction. Rounded off with full carbon, hollow rear dropouts the frame weighs in at 890g while the disc brake-optimized fork tips the scale at 390g. The race-ready, disc brake-equipped Addict CX, which Marcel Wildhaber rode at the 2015 CX World Championships in Tabor, is scrapping The UCI’s weight limit for complete bikes.

Thanks to SCOTT’s Engineer’s Carbon expertise, the Addict CX is by far the lightest disc brake-optimized Cyclo-Cross bike currently on the market.


The new Addict CX features 1 1/8” to 1 1/2” integrated bearings and a tapered headtube. Compared to the previous model the headtube diameter has increased and therefore allows for wider connections of the toptube and downtube which results in an increase of torsional stiffness by 32%. The rigid front end enables direct, precise and safe handling of the bike, even in the most technical of turns.


The PF86 bottom bracket allows for a wide connection of the downtube and the tapered seattube to the BB box. Together with a stiffness-optimized lay-up and SCOTT’s patented carbon manufacturing process, the BB stiffness of the new Addict CX has increased by 14% compared to its predecessor.



In Cyclo-Cross mud is like sand on a beach. Tire clearance can therefore be a decisive factor in racing. The fork and frame are built so that even in the muddiest of conditions the wheels turn unrestricted. In case a ride on dirt roads is planned, the Addict CX offers enough tire clearance to accommodate gravel tires.
Tire clearance Addict


Mud on the bike is unnecessary weight and can impair the performance of the bike. The shape of the chainstays has been specifically designed to make sure mud doesn’t stick in this area impeding wheel rotation and ultimately rider speed.
Chainstays Addict


The front derailleur hanger is removable, accommodating all drivetrain options. If a single chainring crankset is run, no derailleur hanger is required and precious grams can be saved by removing it. A removable chain guard avoids chain sucks in case the chain falls off when a double crankset is used.
Derailleur addict

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