Monday, August 3, 2015

Arkel Handlebar Bags

Arkel handlebar bags are available in small and large sizes
Circle City Bicycles offers Arkel handlebar bags for sale. Like Arkel panniers which I wrote about in an earlier blog, these are high-end products made in Canada from top quality materials, and have a lifetime guarantee. They come in the colors of red or black. The main compartment is waterproof. It also has a smaller front compartment. There are mesh pockets on both sides and a map case on top. It provides a place to put your map where it can be easily viewed, and protected from the elements. They are also available in large and small sizes. The large one weighs three pounds and has a volume of 615 cubic inches. The small one weighs 2.1 pounds with a volume of 450 cubic inches. Here's a video by a guy named Captain Overpacker who gives a good, unbiased review of the Arkel handlebar bags. You might also want to take a look at another video he did called Is Arkel's Handlebar Bag REALLY Waterproof?

Some people like handlebar bags and others don't. I think it is a good place to put small items that you might need to get quickly or frequently. It's an excellent spot for energy bars or a rain jacket when the weather looks threatening. I would not put anything in there that is very heavy.

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