Monday, February 29, 2016

Motorized Cheating in Cyclocross Race

Mechanical Doping No Longer Just A Rumor

Belgian Femke Van den Driessche in Cyclocross Race (photo courtesy of VeloNews)

Cycling has been plagued for years by cheaters like Lance Armstrong who doped to gain an advantage over their competitors (At least over the ones who weren't also cheating). Through enhanced testing, the sport has managed to reduce doping, but now there is a new threat, which some are calling "Mechanical doping." It involves using a small electric motor to give the rider a small boost. Rumors of this type of cheating have been around for several years, but in January of 2016, the UCI (International Cycling Union) detected a hidden motor in a top-level race for the first time.

Belgian Femke Van den Driessche was the favorite going into the under 23 cyclo-cross world championships in Belgium. During the race the UCI detected a hidden motor in one of her bicycles. She claimed it actually belonged to a teammate, but nobody is buying that story. Even the Belgian coach Rudy De Bie stated that he was "Disgusted." He went on to say "We thought that we had in Femke a great talent in the making but it seems that she fooled everyone." One of her sponsors, Italian bicycle maker Wilier Triestina, said they planned to sue her.

The UCI hasn't given out a lot of details, other than to state that the investigation is ongoing. One of the questions people are asking is who else was involved. One rider stated "Certainly the weight of a motor and battery pack would’ve been enough for even a half-ass mechanic to question whether something was wrong." Femke faces a minimum six month suspension, but some have called for a lifetime ban.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Circle City Bicycles Looking for Bicycle Mechanic / Salesperson


Would You Like to Work with Bicyles?

Circle City Bicycles is looking for a full-time bicycle mechanic / salesperson. Candidates should have the following qualities:
  • Must be an active cyclist of any type (Road, Mountain, BMX)
  • Must have a passion for cycling with a desire to help others begin and enjoy the sport
  • Must be good dealing with people and explaining things without confusing or overwhelming them
  • Good mechanical skills
  • Excellent attention to detail
  • At least one year experience in the bicycle industry. We may be able to waive this requirement for someone who has done a lot of bike maintenance and repair at home.
Women and minorities are encouraged to apply for this position. To apply, please visit our store at 5506 Madison Avenue in Indianapolis and drop off a resume and cover letter.

Circle City Bicycles and Fitness
5506 Madison Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46227

(317) 786-9244

Friday, February 26, 2016

2016 Scott Foil - Heavily Re-Worked For Amazing Results!

BikeRadar Names the Scott Foil As One Of It's Top 5 Road Bikes of 2016

We've talked about the 2016 Scott Foil before on our blog. In this post, we're going to break down the range and show you exactly what you get at each price point.

2016 Scott Foil 30

Key Features: 

  • HMF Carbon Frame
  • Integrated Syncros Components
  • Shimano 105 Shifters and Derailleurs
  • Tektro Direct Mount Brakes
The Foil 30 is a race-ready machine at a fraction of the cost!

2016 Scott Foil 20

Key Features:

  • HMF Carbon Frame with F01 Aero Carbon Tech
  • Shimano Ultegra Drivetrain and Brakes
  • Comfortable Syncros Coponents

2016 Scott Foil Premium Bike

The all new FOIL Premium has been designed to be even more aerodynamic, more comfortable, and to still have that incredibly laterally stiff nature. Its HMX Carbon fiber frame has been completely redesigned to provide even less drag than before, helping you gain those extra precious seconds. With a Syncros integrated handlebar system, Dura-Ace Di2 and Syncros Carbon components, this bike was designed to help you win every ride.

IMP, F01 AERO Carbon tech.
1 1/4" - 1 1/2" Carbon steerer
Integrated Carbon Dropout
Syncros Integrated
Rear Derailleur
Shimano Dura-Ace RD-9070
22 Speed Electronic
Front Derailleur
Shimano Dura-Ace FD-9070
Eletronic Shift System
Shimano Dura-Ace ST-9070
22 Speed Electronic Shift
Shimano Dura Ace BR-9010
Super SLR Dual pivot / Direct mount
Shimano Dura-Ace FC-9000
Hollowtech II 52x36 T
Dura Ace SM-BB92-41
Syncros Carbon FOIL Combo
Syncros FOIL aero Carbon
Syncros RR1.0 Carbon
Hub (Front)
Zipp 404
Hub (Rear)
Zipp 404
Shimano Dura-Ace CN-HG900
Shimano Dura-Ace CS-9000
11-28 T
Zipp 404
Zipp 404 Firecrest Carbon Clincher
18 Front / 24 Rear
Continental Grand Prix 4000 S II

Come in to Circle City Bicycles today to find the bike of your dreams! Test ride any bike you want! Hope to see you soon!

Stay tuned to our blog for more bike and product reviews!

Circle City Bicycles and Fitness
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Friday Photo - Cow with Bicycle

Cow with Bicycle
This week's photo comes from the United Kingdom by way of Farmers Weekly. The cow was part of a herd being moved from one pasture to another through public streets and somehow got a bicycle stuck on its head. After receiving a call, a police officer showed up to aid the cow, but it had already extracted its head from the frame.

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Wednesday Video - Walking Bicycle

Check out this walking bicycle. Not very fast or practical, but it gets lots of points for style. I haven't been able to find any information about the bike. If you know anything about it, please pass it along.

Monday, February 22, 2016

DK Bicycles Employee Once Starred on "Survivor"

Matt Bischoff of DK Bicycles

Well, you find out something new everyday. One of the guys at BMX bike manufacturer DK Bicycles is named Matt Bischoff. It turns out that he was once a contestant on Survivor. He appeared on the 26th season, which was filmed in the Philippines and known as "Survivor: Caramoan." It was filmed in 2012 and shown on TV in 2013. Matt made it through five episodes but got voted off on the sixth. At the time he was working for Failure Bikes, but has since moved to DK Bikes in Cincinnati. Here's an interview he did with Vital BMX around the time of his move.

Matt Bischoff on Survivor: Caramoan

Friday, February 19, 2016

Make Fixing Your Bike Easier and More Efficient With These 8 Tools

8 Bike Tools You Didn't Know You Needed

1. Long-Handled Allen Wrench

Years ago, this list would have included a high-quality pedal wrench, but more pedals are increasingly forgoing traditional wrench flats on the shaft of the spindle in favor of a hex fitting in the end of the spindle. A long-handled hex wrench like the Park Tool HT-8 (8mm) or HT-6 (6mm) offers good leverage for removing and installing pedals. An ergonomic screwdriver handle bolsters your grip when dealing with stubborn pedals, and a ball-end fitting on the butt of the tool helps speed up initially threading the pedal to the crank. The HT-8 does double duty as a crank-fixing bolt wrench, and Park also offers an HT-10 (10mm) that fits some cranks as well.

2. Handheld Torque Keys

Having a proper shop-quality torque wrench is essential if you are a full-time mechanic. But for most who only occasionally work on our own bikes, the expense of a larger precision torque wrench is above budget and mostly unnecessary. In this case, smaller preset torque wrenches are great options. These tools are preset to certain torque values and are excellent for final tightening on stems, handlebars, and seatposts—the most common fittings you’ll be adjusting, and the ones that need the most care when tightening.

3. 3-Way Torx Wrench

Lately, more fittings—especially handlebar/stem bolts and chainring bolts—are coming as T25 and T30 sizes. While a traditional L-shaped wrench will certainly work to loosen and tighten them, a three-way style wrench that includes both the above sizes and a T10 (useful for bleed screws on some hydraulic brake systems) fits the hand a bit better, and adds utility—you’ll have all the sizes you need close at hand.

4. Spoke Wrench

In the age of pre-built wheels with proprietary spokes, few people seem to true wheels themselves anymore. But these tiny wrenches are cheap and useful to keep around just in case, and they’re used on the vast majority of wheels available. There are many simple styles of wrenches out there, but we like the Park Tool Master Spoke Wrench. This well-made, color-coded tool has a pleasing heft and fits the hand well. Just make sure to get the correct size for your wheels (the Master comes in three sizes).

5. Vernier Caliper

A vernier caliper is a type of sliding ruler with jaws designed to measure diameters and thicknesses. It’s essential for finding the correct sizes of derailleur clamps, handlebars, seatposts, and and even measuring tire clearance. They range in price from about $10 for a simple model to thousands of dollars for medical and industry-grade items. They can also feature a simple printed scale in both metric and SAE, or dials and digital readouts.

6. Steel Pick

The Park Tool Utility Pick Set (UP-SET) is a trio of aluminum-handled picks with knurled stainless shafts in 3 configurations: straight, 45-degree angle, and 90-degree angle. The butt-end of each tool has a magnet that’s useful for grabbing bearings out of a hub or picking up small parts, such as snap-rings, off the workbench.

7. Cable Puller

Even in in the age of wireless and electronic drivetrains and hydraulic brakes, cables and housing still rule the roost when it comes to brake and derailleur systems. Pedro's Cable Puller, also know as a fourth hand tool, is a plier-like apparatus that allows bike mechanics to pull the excess slack out of a cable and housing system and lock the system in place. That frees up both the mechanic’s hands to tighten bolts and make other adjustments (like aligning caliper brake pads). And it’s no one-trick pony: It can also be used to pull zip ties tight.

8. Disc Brake Multi-Tool

Hydraulic disc brakes are becoming common on more than just mountain bikes, which means that many more riders will need to adjust them in the future. That generally includes truing rotors, blocking the pads when a wheel is out of the frame, and, in case you should forget to do that, pushing the pads back into the bore of the caliper.

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Friday Photo - Junior Fat Tire Lowrider

The big wheel should be in the back!
This week's photo comes from the website I don't know where this picture is taken, or any details about the kid or the bike. There can't be any doubt that all his friends are envious of his bike.

Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Wednesday Video - Mbah Tupon, Free Style Bicycle of Jogja

Mbah Tupon is an elderly gentleman with a unique style when he rides his bike. He likes to coast with his feet over the handlebars and his arms up in the air. I looked up Jogja on the Internet and it is a city (also known as "Yogyakarta") on the Indonesian island of Java. I'm assuming that is where this was filmed.

Monday, February 15, 2016

Help Circle City Bicycles Create the World's Largest Tube Ball

Moab Cyclery's three foot diameter tube ball
Recently we have been creating a tube ball from discarded bicycle tubes. It is now about ten inches in diameter and surprisingly heavy. According to our scale, it weighs eighteen pounds (More than a bowling ball). Deciding that we will attempt to set a world record, a little research was done on the Internet to see where the current world record stands. According to the website RecordSetter, the current record is held by someone in Milan, Italy at 103 pounds. We had heard of another large tube ball in Las Vegas. After contacting Las Vegas Cyclery, we found out that they had one that was about two feet in diameter, which weighed over one hundred pounds. Their Moab Cyclery store has one with a diameter of three feet that is so heavy they can barely push it. I did a calculation to estimate its weight using our ten inch diameter tube ball, and came up with 840 pounds.

Please bring us your old tubes after you replace them and help us set a new world record. We have a long way to go, and we'll keep you updated on our progress. The ball is currently on display in the south window of Circle City Bicycles store.

Friday, February 12, 2016

Friday Photo - Truly Man's Best Friend

Dog guarding owner's bike
This photo from BarkPost proves the old saying "A dog is man's best friend" is absolutely true. Anyone who tries to steal this bike is going to have to snatch it from under his paws. What a great guard dog! Below is a video that shows him guarding the bike until his owner returns. It's only 56 seconds long - Be sure to watch it until the end.

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Don't Miss Out On These Great Sale Bikes!

Bike Pictured May Not Match Bike In Store

Close Out Bikes Still Available

Get a great bike at an amazing price!

Road Bikes:

Boardman Elite Air 9.2 52 cm 
(Was $3800 now $2999)
Boardman Elite SLS 9.0 55.5 cm 
(Was $2500 now $1999)
Boardman Elite SLS 9.0 50 cm 
(Was $2500 now $1999)

BMX Bikes:

2012 Haro Junior (Was $460 now $299)

Triathlon / Time Trial Bikes:

2013 Raleigh Singulus 53 cm frame (Was $1600, now $960)


2013 Raleigh Companion 19.5" x 16.5" frame (Was $875, now $700)

Come in to see all the amazing bikes we have in stock! 

Circle City Bicycles and Fitness
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Indianapolis, IN 46227
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Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Wednesday Video - Cyclist Chased by Elephant

This week's video is entitled "Bicyclist versus Elephant." It features well-known author Joe Kurmanskie traveling through Africa. Important takeaway from this video: When African elephants  flap their ears, it means they are starting to get annoyed. Another important fact to know about elephants - They can reach a top speed of 25 miles per hour. Run time of the video is one minute and 43 seconds.

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Commuting or Riding Around Town Can Get Dirty. Stay Fresh and Clean with these Tips!

Melissa of Bike Pretty Has Some Awesome Tips On Riding And Still Looking Great

Article and Photos from

Whether or not you bike to work, there are a lot of great ways to sneak a little bike time into your routine. Riding a bike doesn’t mean that you’re required to squeeze into a skin tight racing suit or pull on an old pair of athletic shorts, but that’s easy to forget when we think about biking only for exercise rather than as a fun way to get from Point A to Point B.

Personally I love fashion and can spend hours putting together the perfect look. But I still hate having to change clothes throughout the day just because I find myself doing different activities. Ideally, I would wear just one outfit that takes me to the office, client meetings, happy hour, and my commute. While this style of dressing is a little extreme and might not be practical for everyone, this self-imposed constraint has meant that I’ve learned a lot about how to bike in style.

Now that I’ve picked up a few tips, it’s actually pretty easy to pull off. Once you start, you’ll realize how it is simpler to dress for your destination instead of your ride, especially if you are heading out to see friends or meet a special date.

ONE slow your roll

While biking is excellent exercise, it can also be a lazy form of fast walking. A bike has this magical way of shrinking a fifteen minute walk into a five minute ride. That said, if you’re on your way somewhere and don’t want to arrive dripping sweat, remember not to push yourself. Slow down and enjoy the sights and sounds of your neighborhood. You might not make every light, but that’s all right. You’ll reach your destination without overheating and be ready to make a great impression.

TWO stow your layers

This is the best piece of advice I have ever heard regarding temperature regulation on a bike: if you’re warm enough during the first ten minutes of your ride, then you’re overdressed. It’s really true! A spring evening might still be “jacket weather” but don’t bundle up just yet. Bring your outerwear with you, but ride in your shirtsleeves.

After moving your legs for a few moments, you’ll start to feel warmer and you might even work up a little sweat. Going without a jacket gives your body a chance to regulate its temperature and also lets your clothes breathe so that you don’t feel clammy. And if you’ve found that you just couldn’t help yourself from attacking those hills and end up sweating through your shirt, once you arrive, you can still pop on your jacket and your sweat stains are hidden away.

THREE let your bike carry the load

A lightweight road bike that is stripped down to the essentials is great for weekend group rides in the countryside. But if you’re using it to get around town, you’re probably going to want to carry a little bit more than a water bottle and a few sport gels (or in my case chocolate bars).

As much as possible, avoid carrying heavy stuff on your back. Loaded up messenger bags and backpacks trap sweat against your body, wrinkle your clothing, and generally strain your back. A detachable pannier on a rear rack, a frame bag, even a handlebar bag that stows a quart of milk--or a bottle of wine--will go far in helping you ride in comfort. And if you don’t feel good, you won’t look good!

FOUR never without wet wipes

I don’t have a lot of must-haves for bike rides (besides lights, a lock, and the bike itself) but there are so many occasions when a well-placed wet wipe has saved my bacon. If you’re feeling self-conscious, you can wipe your armpits for a quick refresh. Use them to wipe the grease from your hands if your chain pops off. A small pack of 20 or so can be stowed discreetly under your saddle.

HELPFUL HINT: If you get bike grease on your clothes, squirt a little undiluted dishwashing or hand soap onto the fabric. Don’t add water. Instead work the soap into a lather until the stain has almost disappeared. Then rinse and launder as usual.

FIVE you’re never fully dressed without a smile

Whether you’re enjoying a serene rails-to-trails ride or biking home at rush hour, riding is just a lot of fun. Any day with a bike ride is a good day. Remember how much fun you had as a kid biking around the neighborhood? Even though you’re all grown up, it’s still just as much fun. So don’t forget to enjoy it!

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Monday, February 8, 2016

Vincero Design Water Bottle

Vincero Design Water Bottle & Mount
If you are looking to shave off a bit of weight on your bike, consider replacing your water bottle cage with the Vincero Design water bottle and mount. Rather than a traditional cage, it uses a small composite mount with a powerful magnet. The water bottle has a slot with a small piece of steel on it. You might think a magnet wouldn't be strong enough to hold onto the water bottle when you ride over bumpy roads, but once you try it and see how strong the magnetic attraction is, you will be convinced.

Friday, February 5, 2016

Tour Magazine Names the 2016 Scott Foil Premium As Best Overall Bike

"Scott's new Foil displayed the best combination of aerodynamics, light weight, riding stability and suspension comfort."

TOUR Magazine reviewed the 2016 Foil Premium, here is what the editors came up with:

"Is the fastest racing bike in the world also the best? Or is it the sum of all characteristics that makes the perfect road racing bicycle? Our test of 15aerodynamic racers does reveal - with the help of a new grading system - which models are only fast, and which also have other qualities.(...)

"The new Foil is an outstanding racing bicycle because it is very good in key disciplines: It has the lowest frameset weight in the test, lots of comfort at the saddle, and it has an extremely stable ride. The distinctivehandlebar-stem unit that, thanks to the right spacers, closely hugs the top tube, defines the bike's silhouette. With its complete Dura-Ace Di2 groupincluding sprint shifters, and standard Zipp 404 Firecrest wheels, there is not much to improve equipment-wise."

The 2016 Scott Foil has also been praised by Bikeradar and has been first across the finish line in 134 races at the highest level of cycling.

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Friday Photo - Three Stooges on a Bike

The Three Stooges traveling by Bicycle (photo courtesy of Bicycles in the Movies)
Here are the original Three Stooges (Curly, Larry and Moe) traveling about on a three person bicycle. I'm not sure what movie this photo came from, but I think it is from a 1946 short called "The Three Troubledoers." After their latest sheriff was killed, a town in the Old West hires Moe, who makes Curly and Larry his deputies. I have no idea how they end up on a bicycle instead of on horses.

There is a bike ride in Lebanon, Illinois called Tour de Stooges. After the ride they have a meal and watch Three Stooges shorts. This year it is scheduled for Saturday, May 7.

Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday Video - Bicycle RV

This week's video is the "Bike RV Project by Alexander Main." He has a camper that he pulls around with his bicycle. From his Facebook page, I found out that he donated it to a homeless veteran.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Scott Road Premium and Road RC Cycling Shoes!

Two Excellent Road Shoe Options From Scott

The SCOTT Road Premium shoe is pure speed. 

It features a asymmetric microfiber airmesh conforming upper with a new adaptive fit pattern. The shoe uses a Boa® IP1 closure at the top plus two lower anatomic fit straps that can articulate to adapt to the shape of the foot. The Ergologic insole features an adjustable arch support and metatarsal button. The stiff Carbon fiber sole has a stiffness index of 9.

BikeRadar verdict

 "The Premiums have the fit, performance and cooling of higher priced rivals"

Meet the new king of the road. The SCOTT Road RC shoe. 

Offers a dual-zone Boa® IP1 lacing system that delivers ultimate comfort and response, allowing on-the-fly adjustability in two separate portions. We placed an upperBoa® IP1 closure at the top of the shoe and a midfoot IP1 reel with power zone guides to allow 2:1 pull across the forefoot. The asymmetrical conforming upper is perforated, breathable and made of microfiber airmesh with a new adaptive fit pattern. The ErgoLogic insole features an adjustable arch support and a metatarsal button. The stiff Carbon fiber sole has a stiffness index of 10.

BikeRadar Verdict:
"Not everyone will like the looks, but Scott’s Road RC a distinctive and effective shoe. The flex built into the sole creates a unique sensation without sacrificing stiffness where it's needed"

Circle City Bicycles and Fitness
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Monday, February 1, 2016

Bicycle Surfboard Rack

The Bike Balance bicycle surfboard rack
Here's an interesting accessory that you probably don't need if you stay in Indiana. Bike Balance has a rack that mounts on your bike to carry one or two surfboards. According to their website, it has been road tested at over 60 miles per hour. Well that should be fast enough for me. I can't imagine riding that fast with two surfboards right behind my head. I think I would travel at a far more modest speed when carrying surfboards. It looks like a great item for someone who lives a few miles from a surfing beach. It has to be better than trying to ride while holding one under your arm.