Monday, August 17, 2015

Great Deal on Used 2012 Specialized Camber Elite

2012 Specialized Camber Elite 
We currently have a great deal on a medium sized frame, 2012 Specialized Camber Elite. The 2012 manufacturer's suggested price was $2,200. According to Bicycle Blue Book, one in excellent condition should go for over $1,100. Our customer is only asking for $900! If you are interested, hurry in (Call us at 317-796-9244 to make sure we still have it before driving a long distance) before it's gone. Here is the Bicycle Blue Book listing and here is our Craigslist ad.

Please note that we usually don't keep any used bikes in our showroom, so you need to ask about them. Here is a Listing of everything we currently have available. We usually have some bikes in the $100 to $200 range, which are great for students heading back to college, Occasionally we have some really nice bikes like this one.

If you have a used bike you would like to sell, check out our Guide to Buying & Selling Used Bikes in Indianapolis. We can take your bike on consignment, and when it sells, you can take 90% of the selling price in store credit, or you can take 75% of the total in cash.

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