Friday, August 14, 2015

Friday Photo - Cycling Along a Norwegian Fjord

Two mountain bikers cycling from over 4,000 feet elevation to sea level along a Norwegian Fjord

If you are thinking about cycling in Norway, be sure to visit the Cycling Holidays in Norway website. I love their marketing slogan - "Norway: Powered by Nature." Norway is a sparsely populated country, with only about 5 million residents. By comparison, the Philadelphia metropolitan area has 6 million. This leaves plenty of room for unspoiled natural beauty. If the views are anything like the photos on the website, cycling in Norway must be spectacular.

There is a variety of cycling available in Norway. For road cyclists, they list their top Top Ten Bicycling Routes. Norway claims to have the largest mountain bike race in the world, the Birkebeinrittet mountain bike race, which boasts 17,000 participants. They also have downhill mountain biking. The riders in the photo started at around 4,300 feet elevation and are heading down to the sea. The Arctic Race, the world's most northern professional bike race is held in Norway, It's happening right now, above the Arctic Circle.

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