Thursday, August 11, 2016

The New 2017 Scott Spark Mountain Bike - 1749 Grams - Bred to WIN

"You want to race? This is your weapon..."



"... there are few bikes as successful on the race circuit as the new Spark, and the new version cements itself at the top by shaving serious weight. -

Scott's approach to the new Spark was simple - make a bike that will perform for the best riders but one that can still be used by everyone.

Despite the simple look of the bike, it is packed with technical features and details. Exquisitely detailed, built to perfection.

The new generation of Spark frame contains a dedicated RC collection which comprises the lightest and most race-driven mountain bikes that Scott has ever built.

The new RC family consists of 16 high-end, race dedicated models. The RC family includes all options- HT or full suspension, 27.5" or 29" wheel size geometries. All RC models come with 100mm of travel.

The engineers at Scott continue to dial in geometry that results in better fit, control, and ride quality.

The new Spark has a 1.3 degree slacker head tube angle, 13mm shorter chainstay, and a steeper seat tube angle. The reach has been lengthened by 17mm, as well as the stack being 17mm lower. And the full suspension platform offers best bump sensitivity and bottom out resistance as well as a good mid-stroke support

The new pivotless swingarm allows the rear triangle to be moulded in just two continuos carbon parts, where the older version was made up from 18 seperate parts. The 130g saving is where most of the weight has been taken from the frame. The rear end will now give a few degrees of flex to allow the suspension to do its thing, instead of a bushing pivot and all its hardware.

The Boost Technology results in increased wheel stiffness and improved tire clearance. On the Spark project, we wanted to go beyond the basics and reap all the benefits of this innovation by optimizing frame design and geometry.

All this technology goes directly into the trail bike and 27plus frames, which are identical. And while the Spark RC is single ring only, the Spark and 27plus bikes are single or double compatible.

Scott worked with Syncros to develop a new component line that follows the philosophy of the new bikes: reduce weight, add comfort, and increase structural rigidity.

Stay tuned to our blog for more information about NEW Scott bikes!

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