Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Touring Tuesday - The Kentucky Bourbon Trail

Cyclists out on Kentucky's Bourbon Trail (photo courtesy of Broken Sidewalk)
If you would like to go cycling and visit some of Kentucky's bourbon distilleries, the Kentucky Bourbon Trail is for you. Among the distilleries you can visit are:
  • Woodford Reserve
  • Wild Turkey
  • Four Roses
  • Jim Beam
  • Heaven Hill
  • Maker's Mark
There are three route options. The shortest is a 43 mile loop which visits three distilleries. If you want to visit all six distilleries, there is a short and a long route. The long (147 miles) route visits all the distilleries plus a couple historic sites, Perryville Battlefield State Park and Old Fort Harrod State Park. The Battle of Perryville was fought in the fall of 1862. Afterwards, Union forces held Kentucky for the remainder of the Civil War. The original Fort Harrod was built to defend Harrodsburg, one of Kentucky's oldest settlements. There is now a reconstructed fort in the park, along with the log cabin where Abraham Lincoln's parents married.

Here's a video about cycling the Kentucky Bourbon Trail:

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