Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Touring Tuesday - Cycling South America

On the road in Brazil

 He traveled through Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile. Sean had a low opinion of the driving in Argentina, and a semi-truck once hit his helmet with its trailer. When he asked an expatriate from the Netherlands why the Argentines were such bad drivers, he was told "It's the Italian in them."

Sean went all the way down the continent to Tierra del Fuego, where it was cold and windy. On one of those days he wrote "There comes a time when this is no longer fun." When he traveled back north from Tierra del Fuego he traveled over 100 kilometers on a gravel road.

Sean's home was in Ireland. He flew into and out of Buenos Aires. Flying back home was difficult. A Patagonian volcano erupted, and the ash cloud caused the cancellation of his flight from Salta to Buenos Aires. Eventually, the ash subsided and Sean was able to return to Ireland.

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