Thursday, June 8, 2017

Thursday Video - Paratrooper Junping with Folding Bicycle

Ready to go on maneuvers
This week's video shows the Montague Paratrooper, a folding bike with full size wheels, making a jump with a real paratrooper. When he jumps from the plane, the bike is attached in front of him, kind of low on his body. Sometime after deploying his parachute, he lowers the bike so that it hangs about five feet below him. When landing, the bike contacts the ground first and then the paratrooper.

The video dates back to 2012, but the Montague Paratrooper (There are actually 5 models) hasn't changed a great deal since then. One item that has been altered is the location of the release mechanism that allows the bike to fold. In the video it is above the top tube, just in the front of the saddle. It is now located just under the top tube.

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