Friday, June 30, 2017

Friday Photo - Dodging Cows in the Tour de France

French Cyclist Warren Barguil dodging a cow in the 2015 Tour de France
The 2017 Tour de France starts on Saturday with a 9 mile time trial. While the race is always a grueling test of endurance, it seems like each year, some unlucky cyclists encounter additional obstacles. Last year the one kilometer to go banner crashed down on Adam Yates. In 2015 Warren Barguil had to dodge some cows while descending at a high rate of speed (above). In 2010 Marcus Burghardt crashed into a dog. The rider with the worst luck was Johnny Hoogereland in the 2011 TDF. A team car sideswiped Juan Antonio Flecha. This started a chain reaction which ended with Hoogerland flying into a barbed wire (see video below). Let's hope this year's Tour is a safe one with no major injuries.

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