Monday, June 5, 2017

Bicycle Cell Phone Holder

The OTG Strap cell phone holder
We stock a number of cycling gadgets here at Circle City Bicycles. We have a couple accessories for mounting your cell phone. This is especially handy if you are using a GPS app to navigate, but you may just want to have it handy for calls. It beats having to dig it out of a bag, during which the call will probably go to voice mail. The item shown in the photo is the OTG Strap. Here's a video that shows how easily you can mount your phone on your bike. Next time you're in the store, ask Sylva for a demo. This device is simple and inexpensive - Only $10. We also have a fancier device called the Omni Ridecase DX by Topeak. It's more expensive but it allows you to adjust the angle and you can rotate it to be in portrait or landscape orientation.

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