Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Weird Bike Wednesday - Google Street View Trike

The Google Street View Trike
This week we have one of those bikes which are weird but very practical. You may have seen the Google cars with the big camera on top roaming around Indianapolis. They allow Google to give us those "Street View" images on their maps. They also have a Street View Trike, which allows them to go where cars cannot. In addition, they have a Street View Trekker (basically a backpack with a Google camera) for places the trike can't go. For snowy conditions, Google uses a snowmobile with a mounted camera. Here's a map that shows where they have been. They have even done a small portion of Greenland. In its capital city of Nuuk, you can get a street view of the 4-star Hotel Hans Egede. Towards the bottom of the page the various vehicles they use are shown.

Here's a video of the Street View Trike being used in Malaysia:

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