Saturday, April 1, 2017

Peter Sagan Quits Bicycle Racing!

Peter Sagan quits bicycle racing - Will race camels instead
Peter Sagan stunned the bicycle racing community by announcing his retirement yesterday. Shock waves have reverberated around the world. Phil Liggett stated, "This is indeed a sad day for bicycle racing." Fellow cyclist Mark Cavendish said "He's a great competitor - It just won't be the same without him." Sagan has been one of cycling's biggest and most exciting stars, with a bigger than life persona off the bike. Some racing insiders expect sponsorship money to drop by as much as 10% after his departure. The effect on cycling is expected to be similar to what golf suffered after Tiger Woods' injuries kept him off the pro circuit.

Sagan stated that after winning six straight green jerseys in the Tour de France and twice winning the World Road Race, he had nothing left to prove. "I am looking for new challenges," he stated. Although unconfirmed by Sagan, rumors say he will enter the Camel Cup in Alice Springs, Australia. It is believed that he will be backed by a wealthy Australian sheep baron.

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