Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Weird Bike Wedneday - Golf Club Bicycle

The tubes look skinny because they were originally golf clubs
This week's weird bike comes from the United Kingdom. A graphic design student named Calum Ray at Kingston University, created a bicycle he calls "Par 12" from golf clubs. Apparently on a tight budget, he bought a set of golf clubs for 99 pence ($1.22) on eBay. This was a senior design project. You can see from the photo that he used heads of irons for the pedals and a wood for the kickstand. He wanted the handlebars to made from club grips, but he reported that they just couldn't bend that much without breaking. The tubes of golf club shafts were also difficult to weld because of their walls were so thin. The creation of Par 12 involved a lot of trial and error.

I haven't found any information about anyone actually riding the bike. With those thin tubes, it obviously doesn't look like it could support a heavy person. Also, I'm not real sure how comfortable those pedals would be. My suspicion is that this is just a show bike. I also couldn't find any information on what grade he received on this project, but I think it deserves an A.   

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