Friday, March 17, 2017

Friday Photo - Bicycle Trash Hauler

With 5 full garbage cans, I hope he doesn't have to climb many hills
This week's photo comes from the Bikes at Work folks. This is a small company located in Ames, Iowa that make bicycle trailers for towing. All of their trailers have the same basic design. They come in three different lengths, from 32 inches to eight feet. They also come in standard and wide widths. The standard width is sized to hold 18 gallon Rubbermaid Roughneck containers. If you get the eight foot long trailer and stack the containers two rows high, you can get 12 containers on the trailer. With the standard two wheel models, the weight capacity is 300 pounds. By going to the 4 wheel (One axle with dual wheels on each side), the weight capacity is doubled. The wider width trailers are designed for things like lawn mowers. Prices for their products range from $750 for their smallest trailer up to $1400 for the wide, eight foot model with a load capacity of 600 pounds. Shipping from Ames, Iowa is extra. They also have accessories for their trailers, like a rack for carrying plywood.

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