Friday, March 24, 2017

Friday Photo - Alden Carbon Streamlining

Scott triathlon bike with Alden Carbon outer chainring covers
Check out this Scott triathlon / time trial bike. It is equipped with a carbon chainring cover from Alden Carbon, based in Seymour, Indiana (That's right - John Mellencamp's home town) to reduce drag. The company is run by a father and son duo. They both got into bicycle racing, and eventually started to make after-market carbon fiber parts to give themselves an advantage over their competitors. Those competitors noticed and wanted to buy those parts for their own bikes, which led to the formation of Alden Carbon. They have a product called BTA (Between The Arms) Hydration Bottle Computer Mount. To decrease frontal area and reduce drag, It points the water bottle forward and places the computer right behind it, as shown below:

Alden Carbon's between the arms water bottle / computer mount minimizes aerodynamic drag

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