Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wednesday Video - Frustrated Cyclist

Frustrated Jack Bauer throws his bike in the 2015 Gent-Wevelgem
This week's video goes back to the 2015 Gent-Wevelgem race. It was the windiest race ever, with winds up to 50 miles per hour. 160 cyclists started, but there were only 39 finishers. Luca Paolina won the race, despite the fact that he crashed twice. Many riders were frustrated, especially Jack Bauer of New Zealand. After a rider ahead of him lost his jacket to the wind, it got entangled in Bauer's spokes. He then got off his bike and through it to the side of the road. In the photo above, he has just released the bike and it is flying through the air. The 30 second video below shows the entire episode.

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