Thursday, March 17, 2016

On the Road Bicycle Repair Kit

Everything you need to replace a tube out on the road
Unless you stay within walking distance of your house, you should be able to replace an inner tube if you get a flat tire. The photo above shows everything you need to replace a tube and carry the stuff on your bicycle. This set includes:
  • Inertia Designs seat bag with reflective striping and Circle City Bicycles logo ($29.95)
  • Circle City Bicycles patch kit, containing six patches and glue ($3.29)
  • Inner Tube ($4.95 for most sizes)
  • Park Tool TL-1.2 Tire Levers ($3.95)
  • Microflate Nano compact CO2 inflator ($16.95)
Altogether these items would cost $59.09 but we're selling the set for $44.95, a 24% discount. Also, if you want different tire levers or a different CO2 inflator, you can make substitutions and just pay the difference in price.

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