Monday, January 11, 2016

Stylish New Bicycle Helmet Design

The best thing about this helmet is that you don't look like a complete dork wearing it - Not!
Okay, we all know that a helmet can save your life when you're cycling. I'm just not too sure about this one. The concept was to come up with a design for a helmet that would be inexpensive to make, so it can be dispensed with the bikeshare system in England. It is made from discarded newspapers. You can read more about it at the designboom website. As an engineer, I have to complement them on coming up with a low cost (under $1.50) helmet, but I'm just not sure about this product. I kind of feel the same way as one of the commenters on the designboom website did:
"It can save your life, but so can half a watermelon - Both look equally stupid!"

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