Friday, January 22, 2016

Friday Photo - The Hopworks Beer Bike

Owner Christian Ettinger & the Hopworks Beer Bike
Here's Christian Ettinger, owner & brewmaster at Hopworks Urban Brewery in Portland, Oregon. He's standing behind his new beer bike, custom built for him by Metrofiets, also out of Portland. It has about everything you need for a party. The front of the bike has a wooden inlaid bar, two kegs underneath, and two taps. The rear of the bike has a rack with room for three pizzas. It also holds a pannier with a sound system inside.

If you want something like this for yourself, check out the Metrofiets Draft Bike, which starts at just under $7,000. Keep in mind that you can be busted for DUI while riding your bike just as you can be when driving your car. Indiana law requires your blood alcohol level to be below 0.08% while operating a vehicle on public roadways.

Our photo comes from Cool Material. Below is a video from YouTube which shows the beer bike at a festival in Portland.

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