Friday, October 30, 2015

Friday Photo - Micro Gypsy Wagon Bicycle Trailer

The trailer provides about 12 square feet of floor space
Here's a bike trailer that the creator, Barry Howard calls his "Micro Gypsy Wagon." I'm pretty impressed with the design. It provides twelve square feet  of sleeping space. There is a small fold-down table mounted on the wall. Storage is in the bottom of the trailer, under the sleeping pad. The trailer folds down - When it's folded down, the top of the trailer is about the height of the bike seat. From reading the article on Tiny House Talk, it sounds like Barry was pretty resourceful in coming up with material for his trailer. He re-used material from a church organ, craft fair booth, camera tripod, folding bicycle and mini van camper. If you are interested, Barry says to contact him. Here is his Facebook page.

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