Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Cycling Tips - 9 Ways To Help Improve Your Ride

Here Are Nine Great Tips To Help You Be A Better Cyclist

1. To corner, enter wide and exit wide.

Carve a smooth arc through the apex of the turn: Start at the outside of the corner, near the center line. Aim toward the inside of the turn, then exit as far to the outside as possible. Do not cross the double yellow line.

2. Brake Less

It sounds counter-intuitive, but the harder you yank on the brakes, the less control you have over your bike. The best riders brake well before a corner. Plus, laying off the stoppers force you to focus on key bike cornering skills such as weight distribution, body position, and line choice.  

3. Look Where you Want to Go

"When riding a tricky or dangerous section of trail (or road), focus on the path you want your bike to follow, not the rock, tree, or other obstacle you're trying to avoid," says globe-trotting mountain biker Hans Rey.

4. Avoid Helmet Hair

"For God's sake, make sure your hair is under your helmet and not poking out the front," advises Garmin-Cervelo pro Christian Vande Velde

5. Take the Lane

You have a right to the road, so use it! It's safer than riding on the shoulder which is often cracked, covered in gravel, or worse. But don't be a road hog either.

6. Set your Suspension — And Check It Often

It's frightening how many riders hit the trail with poorly adjusted forks and shocks. Not only will droopy suspension make your bike feel like a wet noodle, it can also be downright dangerous. A few simple adjustments are all it takes to have your suspension smoothly sucking up bumps. Check online or in your owners manual to get specific instructions on how to set your suspension.

7. Clean Your Shoes Monthly.

Also, Wash Your Gloves  

8. Warm Up

A slow start primes your engine by directing oxygen from your blood cells to your muscles. Spin easy for 20 to 30 minutes before you begin to hammer.

9. Always Carry Cash

Money can't buy love, but it can buy food, water, a phone call, or a spare tube. Watch out for the rest of the tips in this five part series - every Tuesday right here on our blog.

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