Tuesday, September 1, 2015

New Option for 2016 Scott Scale and Genius: 27.5+ (Amazing Product Photos)

Scott Announces NEW 2016 27.5 PLUS Mountain Bikes

SCOTT worked with Schwalbe to determine the ideal 27.5+ tire width, and found that at 2.8" wide, the tradeoff between increased grip, weight, and rolling resistance was optimized for "proper" mountain biking.

On our 2016 Plus bikes, the Syncros rims have 40mm internal width and wear 2.8-inch Schwalbe tires. We worked closely with Schwalbe to determine the 2.8 size as an ideal balance of added traction (+21% contact patch) with minimal added rolling resistance ( +1%). Furthermore, weight gain is minimal, and frame geometry is subtly adjusted to take full profit of the added traction.

In the US, Scott will be offering the Scale 710 Plus and the Scale 720 Plus with 27.5+ wheels/tires, along with the Genius 700 Tuned Plus, Genius 710 Plus, and Genius 720 Plus.

The top-tier carbon-framed Genius 700 Tuned Plus (with alloy swingarm) will come spec’ed with a Fox 34 FIT4 Factory 140mm fork, SRAM X01 Optimized 1×11 Boost drivetrain, a RockShox Reverb Stealth seatpost, Shimano XTR brakes, Syncros tubeless ready carbon rims, and plenty of other carbon goodies. Claimed weight is 27.12lbs.

See a video from Global Mountain Bike Network HERE.

Now let's take a look at some of the other features of the Scott Genius.

Tapered Head Tube

The Genius features a tapered head tube for a seamless joint to the oversized down tube. This increases stiffness, safety, durability, and control.

Molded Oversize Bottom Bracket

The PF BB 92 bottom bracket is molded using our IMP technique. Because its shape is optimized to manage the main pivot load and seamlessly interface with the down tube it offers much higher lateral stiffness so that riders' pedal input is efficiently transferred into torque.

Forged Mono 'U' Link 
w/ Geometry Adjustment

The newly designed Mono Link is low profile and able to handle the loads of a harder hitting Trail Bike. The link is more solid than the one used on the Spark with an additional bridge incorporated in the design while the bearings have been moved outboard into the seat stay to widen and stiffen the link. The link also features adjustable geometry by way of a shock mount chip. Simply flip the chip to either mounting position to affect the bottom bracket height and head tube angle by 6mm 0.4 degrees respectively. The Genius is the only Trail Bike on the market that offers this feature.

IDS -SL Dropouts
(Interchangeable Dropout System-Super Light)

Interchangeable and lightweight, the IDS-SL dropout system works with 142x12mm, 135x12mm and 135x10mm QR rear axle standards. Shred the turns more aggressively and with enhanced control, because the rear end is laterally stiff.

Oversize pivots

Increasing the pivot diameter better manages loads, and in turn increases the lateral stiffness of the frame. Because of this, we've upgraded the pivot axle sizes to match those used on all of our current suspension bikes.

Direct Post Mount

We've saved even more weight by eliminating bulky brake hardware for mounting the rear caliper and integrated a direct post mount to the chain stay. This mounting position also decreases the load the brakes apply to the swingarm parts.

Chainblocker and ISCG Mounts

The chainblocker plate protects the frame from "chainsuck" by blocking it from falling off the inner ring and damaging the frame. The system is compatible with 3x and 2x front drives. An optional ISCG adaptor allows riders to run a chain device for single or 2x chain set and is removable to leave a clean, light mainframe when not in use.

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