Thursday, September 17, 2015

Artisitic Cycling - EMS Cup - Slovakian Woman Wows the Judges

Maybe you are like me, and have never seen or even knew that artistic cycling existed. While in the US, we have certainly seen great tricks on all types of bikes, it would appear that this relatively new concept ads elements of dance, synchronized pairs, acrobatics, and danger.

You can find many examples on YouTube. Shockingly the audiences for these events seem to be like a little league game. Only the relatives and friends of the performers seem to be in attendance. One you woman from Slovakia seems to have impressed the judges and the YouTube crowd.

Since I don't understand the language, I'm not even sure if Nicole Frýbortová krasojízda won the EMS cup, but if someone beat her, I'd love to see that video. Over 1,000,000 have seen this one. 

 Nicole Frýbortová krasojízda began riding and learning her style at age 7. At 21, she is hoping to compete at the top levels of this sport.

Let us know your thoughts about her performance and about artistic cycling in general. Shouldn't this be an Olympic event.

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