Friday, July 3, 2015

Friday Photo - Bicycle Camper

The Wide Path Camper can be towed by bicycle
I have done a lot of bicycle touring in my life, generally using panniers to carry my tent, sleeping bag & other camping gear. Others don't like to rough it quite as much, and stay in hotels or bed & breakfasts. While that is no doubt more comfortable, it can get pretty expensive. Well here's an option that fits in between. The Wide Path Camper weighs just under 100 pounds, and can be towed by bicycle.In the photo it is shown in its folded up configuration, ready for the road. When you get to camp, you unfold it so it is a little roomier. There is enough space for two couches that face each other, and a pull down table for dinner or card games. The couches can fold down to make a bed big enough for two.

The Wide Path Camper is manufactured in Denmark. Since it weighs nearly 100 pounds, I figure Denmark must be pretty flat country. I just can't see myself pulling this up the hill in Brown County State Park to the campground. The trailer isn't cheap - It's priced at around $4,000. There are a number of options available, such as:

  • 12 volt solar power system
  • Kitchen package
  • Outdoor package (outside chairs & table)
  • Luxury package (better mattress and extra pillows)

More photos are available at Living in a Shoebox. Here's a video that shows the trailer in action.

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