Thursday, July 9, 2015

2015 Scott Solace 10 Review - Find Your Solace

Impressive Mix of Performance and Comfort

The SCOTT Solace 10 was designed to provide you with a perfect balance of comfort and performance on the roads. Its HMF Carbon Fiber frame was designed with two zones, a Power Zone and a Comfort Zone, in order to result in a stiff and responsive bike that will also keep you comfortable all day long- regardless of frame size.

The Solace is defined by a slightly shorter cockpit, and taller head tube to allow a more upright (and for a growing segment of riders = more comfortable) riding position without needing a stack of spacers. What’s not different is its geometry which is virtually the same as Scott’s Addict. The Solace’s chain stays are about 1mm longer, and the whole design is built to be snappy and responsive with a more comfortable ride than Scott’s FOIL and Addicts.

The frame is made from a blend of Scott’s HMF & HMX carbon fibers.  Both are versions of high modulous carbon, known for its high tensile strength and thinner fibers that allow for less carbon use – and therefore weight savings, throughout the frame. HMX is even more high modulous than HMF, and is used in specific areas like the bottom bracket and head tube junctions, to add strength by adding more material, but helping to keep overall weight down.

The front fork has two roles in fact: control and comfort.  The in-molded carbon dropouts connect the front wheel to that section of the lower fork blades that moves a tad bit more fore & aft to absorb (and smooth) the bumps before they reach you up there in the cockpit.  The fork flexes to absorb energy and the larger / fatter portion of the fork blades is designed to limit that flex to the lower part of the fork and do a better job of keeping the front wheel in line (the further up the fork the flexing happens, the more the front wheel can come off line).  The blades widen noticeably towards the top, eliminating flex and trading comfort for control and adding precision to the handling.

 Like the Scott racers that came before the Solace, this one wants to go fast – and it wants you to make it go fast.  Standing for climbing or sprinting yields as much acceleration as you are willing and able to give.  The stability and predictable steering make for some inspired descents – again pretty much limited only by pilot skill.

It comes in five versions – the Solace 10, 20, 30, and the new for 2015 disk-braked 15 & 40 models, each with a different level of spec.

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