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AMAZING Deals on SIDI Cycling Shoes!

Road Shoe Closeouts

These road shoes are a few years old, but they have never been used, and they are now available at great prices. These shoes can be shipped anywhere in the continental United States. Please call us at 317-786-9244 if you are interested.

Sidi Genius 5 Carbon Pro

(Was $269.95 Now $150) Available sizes:

US 15, EUR 50
US 13, EUR 48
US 10.5, EUR 45
US 9.5, EUR 43.5
US 9, EUR 43

Sidi is the world's bestselling brand of road shoes, and the Genius 5 Pro is the model that sells the most. Its Lorica upper has all the upsides of leather with none of the negatives. Lorica is supple, conforming, highly breathable, and will not stretch. In addition, it is water repellent, highly abrasion resistant, easy to clean, and won't rot or dry out. Sidi combines Lorica with ballistic mesh to give you superb comfort, fit and ventilation.

The Genius 5 Pro Shoes are made with Sidi's Millenium 3 Carbon Composite sole.

Sidi adds a ratcheting buckle so you can micro-adjust the strap pressure to ensure that the fit of your upper won't be too loose or too tight. It's mated to a Soft Arch Compression Strap that more evenly spreads the upward stroke pedaling forces across the top of your foot. The buckle provides 4 clicks per uptake along with half-click releases, meaning that you can precisely tension the pressure of the strap.

Sidi T2 Carbon Mamba

(Was $199.95 Now $100) Available sizes:

US 10.5, EUR 45
US 10, EUR 44

Between its stiff composite soleplate, its comfortable liner and its easy transitions you can forget about ever using the Sidi T2 Carbon Cycling Shoe as an excuse for losing your next triathlon. Unless of course, you aren't wearing them.

  • Stiff, lightweight composite sole transfers energy directly to the pedal for greater pedaling efficiency
  • Triathlon-specific, tongue-less uppers designed to make transitions fast and easy
  • Large heel pull makes shoe easy to get on and off
  • Soft brushed interior makes it comfortable to ride sock-less
  • Replaceable heel-pad for added stability

Sidi Ergo 3 Vent Carbon

(Was $499.95 Now $300) Available sizes:

US 10.5, EUR 45

Except for the optional venting, the sole shares the same construction method as the Carbon Lite sole, less 38 grams of weight. Even with the weight savings, you'll get the same kind of stiffness and razor sharp power transfer you've grown to expect from Sidi. The vent inlet at the toe can be opened or closed depending on the temperature and your preferences - even while on the bike if necessary. The airflow moves underneath and through the insole to cool your feet in sweltering summer temps.

The Ergo 3 has the same closure system as previous Ergo shoes- Ratcheting Caliper Buckle Techno II Buckle, and hook and loop. No other system so precisely and gently provides a custom fit.

Sidi's improved its Heel Security System to keep your foot positively planted in the shoes. It's an adjustable, rigid composite band that closes the shoe more securely over your heel to anchor it in place around your Achilles - giving you more comfort along with more security.

Two final touches worth noting are the replaceable traction pads at the heel and toe, which extends the life of the shoes indefinitely.

Sidi Genius 6.6 Carbon Lite

(Was $449.95 Now $300) Available sizes:

US 10.5, EUR 45
US 10, EUR 44

Built around a carbon composite sole, the 6.6 is both extremely light and ridiculously comfortable. Sidi designed the 6.6 Carbon Lite to provide a slight amount of flex in the toe, while retaining maximum stiffness throughout the body of the shoe, enabling comfort and road feel - but not at the expense of performance.

The 6.6 also features a unique heel retention system designed to close the back of the shoe around the rider's ankle, eliminating heel lift and power loss during your sprints or canyon climbs. Caliper buckles allow for the most minimal of adjustments, even in the saddle, everything can be done with one hand.

Anti-slip insert at the toe and replaceable polyurethane heel pad ensure you don't take a dive in the coffee shop.
Reinforced heel keeps foot in position and prevents the shoe from being deformed by high miles or prolonged pressure
SL and Caliper buckle straps are both serviceable and replaceable, so a nasty crash won't ruin your favorite kicks
High Security Velco straps with integrated locking polymer teeth for slip-free clinching
Lorica is water-repellent, permeable to water vapor and resistant to tearing
3-bolt sole for Shimano, SPD-SL, LOOK & Time cleats. (Speedplay can be fitted with an adapter

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