Thursday, June 18, 2015

2015 Scott Contessa Spark 700 RC — Women's Full Suspension Mountain Bike

2015 Bikemag Bible of Bike Tests — Scott Contessa Spark 700 RC

This bike is a racehorse for ladies who eat carbon for breakfast, regularly rock spandex and love going fast–uphill and down. While perhaps not the most versatile bike of the bunch, it is very good at what it does: Devour trail at an impressive rate.

The Spark comes equipped with a custom FOX Nude shock, and our Patented TwinLoc technology, in combination with Traction Control, allowing for three travel/geometry settings to always optimize your ride.

In the video, women were interviewed after a day of riding on the Scott Spark. They all seemed to agree that the bike performed very well with little to no adjustment necessary.

The girls typically used the middle setting of their three setting front fork suspension... suggesting that while they were amazed at the rigidity the lockout provided, that it was never actually needed.

One of the three girls said she rode the bike "full squish" the whole time, and claimed that it was still nice and responsive.

"Definitely just motors right up the hills"

"I'm not someone who cares about grips but I was like 'These are nice!' (...) I noticed them. Which I never do."

Scott did not apply a women's specific geometry to the Spark frame. For the taller girls that rode the bike, it wasn't an issue. The shortest of the girls felt a bit stretched out on the frame and that the bike felt a bit too big — but she still greatly enjoyed riding it.

The Contessa models get a shorter stem, narrower bar, wider saddle, smaller-diameter grips. But it’s also worth noting, however, that the shock tune on the Contesssa is adjusted for lighter-weight riders.

Other Tech:

Direct Post Mount

We've saved even more weight by eliminating bulky brake hardware for mounting the rear caliper and integrated a direct post mount to the chain stay. This mounting position also decreases the load the brakes apply to the swingarm parts.

Twin Loc

Our patented Twin Loc technology now offers simultaneous control of rear shock travel and fork lockout. The open position allows full travel, front and rear. One click switches the rear shock to Traction mode, while the fork remains fully active. Click again and rear shock and fork lock at the same time. No other bike in the world offers this user friendly system. Found on the Spark & Genius and Genius LT models. Only available for Nude2 shocks on 2013 or previous year models.

Adjustable BB Height

The Spark, Genius and Genius LT employ an adjuThe Spark, Genius and Genius LT employ an adjustable geometry by way of a shock mount chip in the linkage. By changing the shock mount chip--simply removing it and flipping it in either mounting position--you affect the bottom bracket height by 7mm, which also affects the head tube angle by 0.5 degrees.

There is so much more to this bike. Come in today to see our entire selection of Scott Bikes as well as bikes from Fuji and Haro. We would love to help you find the bike of your dreams.

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