Monday, September 18, 2017

Indy's Brian Payne to be Keynote Speaker at Interbike

Brian Payne standing beside the Cultural Trail
Interbike, the bicycle industry's national trade show, will open on Wednesday. Brian Payne will be the keynote speaker. Brian is President and CEO of the Central Indiana Community Foundation, and was also the driving force behind Indy's Cultural Trail. Here's what Tim Blumenthal of People for Bikes said:

The success of the Indianapolis Cultural Trail is indisputable, as the bike business, general local business and property values have all increased since it was completed. We need retailers to attend this session to not just learn about what Brian and the city of Indianapolis did, but to come away with ideas on how similar trails or projects can be created across the country to boost local businesses and get more people on bikes.

The problem with having your project becoming a big hit like the Cultural Trail is "What do you do for an encore?" To find out what what he's looking at next, check out this article in Indianapolis Monthly.

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