Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Touring Tuesday - Biking along the Ohio River

The Ramblin River Tour passes through Lincoln's birthplace (photo courtesy of Coast to Coast)
If you are looking for a route along the mighty Ohio River, Kentucky has the Ramblin' River Tour. The route starts at the southwestern tip of Kentucky and roughly follows the Mississippi River until the Ohio River splits off. From there the route turns east. It goes away from the Ohio River to avoid the congestion of Louisville, passing through Elizabethtown instead. It then heads north towards Cincinnati and again follows the Ohio River. The eastern end is across the river from Portsmouth, Ohio. State parks and other attractions along the way include:
  •  John James Audubon Museum & Nature Center (Henderson)
  • International Bluegrass Music Museum (Owensboro)
  • Rough River Dam State Resort Park
  • My Old Kentucky Home State Park
  • Abraham Lincoln's Birthplace (Hodgenville)
  • Old Kentucky Home State Park
  • General Butler State Resort Park
  • Greenbo Lake State Resort Park
You can download the kmz file from the website.

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