Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Touring Tuesday - Rainstorm

The Medora Covered Bridge on a previous Rainstorm ride
Rainstorm is a ride for all you hard-core cyclists out there. The ones for whom just one day of 162 miles of cycling across the state (RAIN) simply isn't enough. RAINSTORM gives you five centuries on five days as a way to warm up for RAIN. Along the way, you will get to see some of the most scenic (and hilly) areas of Indiana, plus some of its most beautiful state parks. Here's the itinerary for 2017:
  • Richmond to Brown County State Park (113 miles)
  • Brown County State Park to Clifty Falls State Park (100 miles)
  • Clifty Falls State Park to Spring Mill State Park (105 miles)
  • Spring Mill State Park to Bloomington (100 miles)
  • Bloomington to Terre Haute (100 mile)
  • RAIN - Terre Haute to Richmond (162 miles)
 RAIN is the acronym for Ride Across Indiana. It is a one-day ride across the state of Indiana, much of it on U.S. 40 The ride goes from west to east, so if we get our usual southwesterly wind, cyclists should have a tailwind. You can register online for RAINSTORM or RAIN online at their respective websites.

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