Monday, May 15, 2017

New Hours - Closed on Sundays

Our staff: Sylva (left), Zahra (right) and Mark (center)

Circle City Bicycles will remain closed on Sundays for the foreseeable future, and our weekday hours are now 10:00 A.M. until 7:00 P.M. Today we would like to take the time to explain why. You may have noticed significant changes in personnel during the last year. Our current manager Sylva started with us almost a year ago. We have heard nothing but compliments about her from customers, vendors, and others in the cycling community. In turn, she has brought in our head mechanic Mark and Zahra, who handles marketing and inventory as well as assisting customers. These two have also been outstanding employees.

We do not wish to work this trio to death, and have decided that we did not want to staff the store with part-time employees on Sunday. No matter how talented they are or how hard they try, we just don't believe part-timers can give our customers the high quality service they expect and rightfully deserve. We know this may cause difficulty for some customers, and we apologize for this. However, we feel this is the best solution overall. Zahra will be at the store Monday through Friday. Sylva and Mark will be at the store every day except Wednesday. Roy will be at the store on Wednesdays.

We would also like everyone to know that Sylva, Mark and Zahra are not just employees. All three have an ownership stake in Circle City Bicycles. They have a vested interest in providing you with top-notch customer service to keep you coming back.

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