Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Touring Tuesday - Cycling the Texas Coast

Busted for speeding?
I'm still thinking about riding where it's warmer. Here's a blog about riding along the Texas coast in January. Two guys named Oren and Jerry did a five day ride from Houston to Corpus Christi along the coast of Texas in 2012. This was a credit card tour, so they were staying in hotels instead of campgrounds. Their first day took them onto Galveston Island. On the second day Oren had a nasty little accident when his bike dropped into a pothole, but they were able to continue. On their third day, they didn't start riding until noon because of bad weather, but they were able to reach their destination before dark. The hotel had two sets of automatic doors, so Jerry rode his recumbent bike straight into the lobby. On their final day, they were on a highway that eventually became a limited access freeway. A motorcycle policeman stopped them and told them bikes weren't allowed, then stopped traffic to help them get off at the next exit. Their final destination was a UHaul, where they rented a truck, loaded up their bikes, and headed back up to Houston.

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