Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Touring Tuesday - Cycling Maldives

Cycling in the Maldives

Overall, I like the weather in Indiana, except for January and February. This time of year I start to dream about cycling on tropical islands - Not that I will actually go there. I think the place I would like to go is the Maldives. The nation is comprised of 26 atolls in the Indiana Ocean. The high point is only seven feet and 10 inches above seal level. That's just slightly higher than Shaquille O'Neal is tall! I figure it won't take much sea level rise for the Maldives to disappear entirely, so it makes sense to see them while they are still abone water. Here's an article I found on the Internet called Cycling in Maldives.It has info about cycling there, as well as some resort and airline information at the end of the article

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