Tuesday, April 21, 2015

[Sneak Peek] 2016 Scott Addict CX Carbon Cyclocross Bike

Redesigned 2016 Addict CX from Scott Bicycles - With Huge Improvements!

The Addict CX is back, and its fitter than ever. Weighing in below 1300g, the Addict CX frameset is lighter than any other disc brake-optimized cross bike on the market.



Light weight is the shared bloodline connecting all SCOTT product segments. Early on, SCOTT invested heavily into the development of new carbon manufacturing technologies, the use of exclusive raw materials and the optimization of development processes. The continuous advancement of SCOTT’s carbon expertise enables the release of stunningly lightweight products on a regular basis. The Addict CX is no exception to this rule.

The frame uses an HMX carbon fiber blend that has inherently excellent stiffness-to-weight characteristics. The front triangle of the Addict CX is manufactured using SCOTT’s patented IMP Technology which results in incredibly lightweight construction. Rounded off with full carbon, hollow rear dropouts the frame weighs in at 890g while the disc brake-optimized fork tips the scale at 390g. The race-ready, disc brake-equipped Addict CX, which Marcel Wildhaber rode at the 2015 CX World Championships in Tabor, is scrapping The UCI’s weight limit for complete bikes.

Thanks to SCOTT’s Engineer’s Carbon expertise, the Addict CX is by far the lightest disc brake-optimized Cyclo-Cross bike currently on the market.


Naturally, Scott has graced its latest carbon 'cross racer with front and rear disc brakes and thru-axles at both ends. Riders will be able to use either 140mm or 160mm-diameter rotors, as well as either Shimano's upcoming Flat Mount brake calipers or current post mount ones with an adapter. The rear end uses the conventional 142x12mm axle dimensions while the front goes with the new 100x12mm standard.

Thru-axles and disc brakes were chosen for the new design from the outset. While the rear end uses the current 142x12mm axle size, the front end uses the new 100x12mm standard

Tire clearance is greatly increased all around with the new bike said to accommodate tires up to 40mm wide. The tops of the chainstays are even shaped so as to help cleave caked-on mud from the sides of the tire, and there's not even the hint of a shelf behind the bottom bracket shell on which debris can accumulate.

Cable routing is fully internal and convertible via a series of interchangeable 'chips' at the head tube and rear dropout. Mechanical and electronic drivetrains are easily accommodated, and there's even an optional port for an internally routed dropper seatpost should you want to use one.

One particularly clever feature is the front derailleur tab. Not only is it (and the mini-chain keeper below it) removable when using a 1x drivetrain but the mounting holes can instead be used for a custom mini-chain guide for what should be an ultra-reliable single-chainring setup. That chainguide is even ultra light at just 22g (claimed).

Keep your eyes peeled for more 2016 bikes coming out in the next few months! We will be posting reviews and videos showing off all the features of this bike

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