Friday, March 20, 2015

Friday Photo - Bike in a Tree

Must have been a really bad crash

This wasn't actually due to a crash. An eight year-old Vashon Island, Washington boy received a donated bike after his father passed away in the 1950s. It was a girl's bike and he apparently wasn't too fond of it. He left it leaning against a fir tree and walked away. Forty years later the local newspaper ran a story about it after someone ran across this tree with the bike sticking out of it. Former islander Don Puz recognized it as his bike. The local paper, the Vashon - Maury Island Beachcomber ran another story with an explanation of the bike's origin in 2009.

Unfortunately, after the tree and bicycle became famous, vandals have been stealing parts of the bike. The local chamber of commerce plans to get vintage parts to replace those stolen. They are also considering a fence around the tree to keep thieves away.

Thanks to My Honey's Place and Roadside America for info on this story. 

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