Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Touring Tuesday - The Golden Ring or Russia

Church of Epiphany in the Russian city of Yaroslavl
If you are looking for a bicycle tour in Russia, you may be interested in an offering from the Russian Cycle Touring Club. Their Golden Ring of Russia Tour has been an annual event for international cyclists since 1996. It is a 12 day, 11 night trip with 10 days of cycling. The daily mileages are rather modest, so their is plenty of time for sight-seeing. The longest day is 55 miles, but most daily distances are closer to 40 miles. The route visits the area north and east of Moscow. It travels through some old, picturesque towns, many with the distinctive Russian style architecture. There are two UNESCO World Heritage Sites on the way, Suzdal and Yaroslavl.

There are two options for the tour: budget and comfort. For 2017 the dates are July 2-13 for the budget tour and August 6-17 for the comfort tour. The budget tour stays in modest hotels and cabins, while the comfort tour stays in nicer hotels. The budget tour costs 1,250 euros ($1,325) and the comfort tour is 1,450 euros ($1,537). The Australian bicycle magazine Ride On rates the tour as one of the World's Top 50 Riding Experiences. Here's a 13 minute video of the 2010 tour:

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