Friday, November 18, 2016

Friday Photo - A Bicycle Sidecar for Your Dog

Want to take your best buddy along for a ride?
Here's an interesting way to take your dog along on your bike ride. It's a sidecar for your bicycle that you can make yourself. For instructions on how to construct it, visit the Instructables website. The guy who came up with the design (He goes by the online name of Traverdose) looked at purchasing a dog basket for his bike. Unfortunately, his dog Dewey weighs 15 pounds, which was too heavy. He based his design off another sidecar design for carrying a child, which he slimmed down for Dewey.  He also wanted a sidecar he could build without welding, since he didn't have the necessary equipment. Also, he wanted to be able to attach and remove it from the bike quickly and without tools.

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