Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Video - Dog Causes Crash

Gordan the dog wandering onto the road during a stage of the 2007 Tour de France
This week's video goes back to the 2007 Tour de France. During stage 9, a Labrador retriever named Gordan wandered onto the course right in front of three riders. The first two dodged him, but the last guy hit him right in the middle of his body. It is amazing how fast the front wheel folded over like a taco. Gordan walked away unhurt and unfazed, but the cyclist (Marcus Burghardt) went flying over his handlebars and took a nasty spill. Fortunately, Marcus was able to finish the tour. Later on, during stage 18 of that race, there was another dog-induced crash. Two riders who were part of breakaway went down. Sandy Casar, one of the riders who went down, got back on his bike and ended up winning the stage.

Here's the video:

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