Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Touring Tuesday - Eurovelo Routes

Eurovelo route network
If you want to bicycle through Europe, but don't want to pay the big bucks for a tour operator, consider using the Eurovelo route network. These are long, multinational routes. Predominately north-south routes have odd numbers, and east -west routes have even numbers (just like U.S. interstates). Here are the routes that are available:
  1. Atlantic Coast Route: Northern Norway to southern Portugal
  2. Capitals Route: Galway, Ireland to Moscow, Russia
  3. Pilgrims Route: Trondheim, Norway to northwest Spain
  4. Central Europe Route: Brittany region of France to Kiev, Ukraine
  5. Via Romea Francigena Route: London to the boot heel of Italy
  6. Atlantic - Black Sea Route: Atlantic coast of France to Black Sea Coast of Bulgaria
  7. Sun Route: Northern Norway to Malta
  8. Mediterranian Route: Cadiz, Spain to Cyprus
  9. Baltic - Adriatic Route: Gdansk, Poland to Pula, Croatia
  10. Baltic Sea Route: Loop includes Stockholm, Helsinki and St. Petersburg
  11. Eastern Europ Route: Northern Norway to Athens
  12. Northern Sea Route: Loop includes Edinburgh Scotland, Hamburg Germany, and Oslo Norway
  13. Iron Curtain Trail: Northern Norway to the Black Sea
  14. None
  15. Rhine Route: Northern Norway to Malta, following the Rhine River in central Europe
  16. None
  17. Rhone Route: Switzerland to France's Mediterranean coast, following the Rhone River
Please note that these route are in various stages of development. Here's a video showing part of the French portion of the Atlantic Coast Route:

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