Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Tips To Help You Stay Safe On Your Commute

Riding Your Bike To Work Doesn't Have To Be Scary

1. Get the right bike / Helmet

First, you need to make sure you have the right type of bike. There are bikes specifically designed for commuting, but most road bikes will do just fine. Also, make sure you are wearing a well-fitting helmet that was designed for cycling.

2. Have your bike checked regularly

Come in to Circle City Bicycles! We'd love to show you a few things about your bike to help you keep it tuned up between visits. We have an excellent service department that will have your bike ready for the road in no time!

3. Know the proper signals, and make sure you're visible.

Communication is all important on the road. Road markings are static, while traffic is dynamic. Sometimes markings on the road put you in a tough position. Take cues of where you should be based on your whole environment. Never let paint think for you.

Like the image on the right shows, it is easy to be hidden from opposing traffic, especially in intersections.

Make sure you are visible to crossing and turning traffic. This often means leaving a bike lane and moving to the left side of the general use lane.

Never ride within 5ft of a parked car. This area is called the “door zone.” A suddenly-opened car door can be deadly. Some bike lanes are striped entirely within the door zone.

Passing a queue of stopped traffic on the right can expose you to many crash hazards. Sometimes it’s better just to wait in the queue.

Never, ever pass a large truck on the right!

4. Don't escalate harassment

If somebody yells at you from a car or the street, just smile and wave (with all five fingers). Just let it go.

5. Plan your route in advance

When planning, it is safer (and often nicer) to seek out smaller streets that have less traffic.

6. Keep an eye on the forecast

You can choose to take the car to work on rainy days, but there are plenty of products designed to keep you and your work clothes dry and free of dirt. If your ride is going to be longer than 20 minutes, you may want to wear cycling clothes instead of your work clothes, and change when you arrive.

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