Friday, May 22, 2015

[Video] 2015 Fuji Transonic - "Confidence to Push the Boundaries of Fast"

Since the Unveiling of the 2015 Fuji Transonic it has been praised by everyone from Bike Radar to Velonews.

"We immediately enjoyed the Transonic's responsive ride. While laterally stiff at the bottom bracket and through the stout chainstays, the bike isn't overly harsh vertically like some aero frames are. Too often, frames with huge cross-sections (and aero seatposts) transmit more road impact to the saddle and handlebars than you'd like. The Transonic feels much more like a round-tubed bike. Sprints and uphill accelerations are spirited, but the bike feels sure-footed in fast corners, even on choppy surfaces."

"The design allows for less redundant material in the brake and frame, decreasing weight, but does not have any negative effect on brake power or modulation. Don't be surprised if the new standard crops up frequently over the next few years."

Fuji spent two years developing the Transonic and the result is a frame that is much more aero than its SST, but close in weight to the Altamira.

Fuji not only harnessed what it learned developing its Track Elite and Norcom Straight in the wind tunnel into a road bike every bit as formidable, but also upped the ante in an already-prodigious road lineup. Stiffer, Lighter, and now FASTER.

With aerodynamics conquered and a new potential for unprecedented speed, Fuji focused next on unwavering control to instill the Transonic's riders with the confidence to push the boundaries of fast.

The seatpost has a proprietary aero shape, and it's rough surface on the seatpost helps prevent slips. Di2-equipped models fit the battery inside the seatpost to keep it out of the wind. An internal, wedge-type seatpost clamp keeps air flowing smoothly.

Fuji curves the seat tube to create a modest cutout for the rear wheel. Tucking in the wheel helps keep air flowing around the wheel/tube area.

And many many more features across 8 different models!

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