Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Scientist Late for Work!

Two great hobbies that go together - Cycling and Rocketry!
This photo comes from a blog by Knox Gardner. As you can see the folks in Denmark have a different way of complaining about things.

My name is Rick Randol and I work at Circle City Bicycles. I've worked full and part time in bicycle stores for 30+ years now. Doesn't quite seem like it though, I guess time flies when you're pedaling fast. I started my first blog post with this photo that shows both a guy on a bike and a rocket since messing with bikes and Model Rocketry have both been life long hobbies. I got so into rocketry that I even started my own small rocket company, NewWay Space Models. So if you check out the rockets you see the difference between my bicycle and rocket hobbies is round and square.

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